Mantadia Lodge


We are here to create bespoke experiences that cater to your passions and interests.

Staying true to our promise of an off-script vacation, we offer you an open itinerary to build your own adventure. We can provide you with personalized excursions to unique destinations around Andasibe Primary Forest designed to suit your own interests and requests.

In the morning you might be awakened by the singing of the Indri Indri, a lemur that can only be found in the park of Andasibe.

… it’s bird watching in the deep of the jungle,
… encounter with the Indri Indri lemurs,
…. swimming in the crystal clear waters of Andasibe’s waterfalls
…. accessing traditional villages and nature trails,
…night safaris in the parc to watch night wildlife,
after enjoying a delightful picnic menu of your choosing, Madagascar National Park (MNP) licensed “guides” will make sure that your tailor-made excursion is an unforgettable one.

Whether on foot or VTT bike, the fully guided tours are all within an hour from the resort and cater to the slow-pacer or the avid hiker.

Please note that some activities listed here may not be available during certain times of year due to weather conditions. Please check in advance with the team to avoid disappointment.