Mantadia Lodge


  • Guests must provide a valid ID upon check-in.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to register.
  • Guests are not permitted to bring firearms into the hotel.
  • Guests are not permitted to bring pets into the hotel.
  • Guests are not permitted to smoke in hotel rooms.
  • Customers are responsible for their personal belongings. The hotel is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Guests are responsible for any damage they cause to hotel property.
  • Guests are responsible for any fines or penalties incurred during their stay.
  • The hotel reserves the right to refuse service to any guest.

There are no banks and ATMs in Andasibe. If you plan to buy crafts or shop locally, we advise you to withdraw cash in Antananarivo.

The hotel is unable to provide cash advances on your card. However, you can pay your bills by credit card.

The hotel is powered by the electricity network, but we have 2 generators available at any time in the event of a power cut. Our power supply is 220v. The standard electrical outlets in your room are for two EU type round prongs, but we have universal adapter plugs in each room.

Yes. We have installed a reliable fiber internet connection that can be accessed via Wi-Fi throughout the resort, including your room. We have the best internet connection in Andasibe. We also have a GSM tower that repeats the cell signal from the island and rebroadcasts it for the station. This allows you to make and receive calls.

We are often asked questions about what precautions to take against malaria before traveling to Madagascar.

Mantadia Lodge is not located in a risky region.

You should know that malaria in Madagascar only affects certain eastern regions and at certain times of the year such as January, February and March during the rainy season.

On the east coast it is almost non-existent.

Most drugs have side effects that can be unpleasant during your trip to Madagascar. We especially recommend that you use repellents and wear long-sleeved clothing.

When you go to the villages it is important to wear covering clothes and not too bare. Do not wear too ostentatious jewellery and valuables.

It is important to respect the “fady” (prohibitions specific to each village) of the localities and it is better to ask your guide. Please don’t bring anything but goodwill to the villages. If you want to help local people, you can buy handicrafts when visiting villages but do not give money or gifts to villagers or children.

Yes, we have our little shop which offers jewellery, local cashmere, decorative items, essential oils, spices and souvenirs. You will be able to find crafts of varying quality in the village.

We accept all types of payments, namely payments by Mvola and OrangeMoney, cash in local currencies, currencies such as the euro and the US dollar, visa cards, mastercard cards.

We do not accept checks, JCB cards, american express.

Check-in is from 2 p.m. and check-out is at 11 a.m.

No. There is no taxi service in the region.

Please contact us for more information

Yes. Please note that we spray the property several times a week to keep insects to a minimum, but we are in an environment that is ecologically rich in wildlife and insects. If you want to bring some with you, any type OFF repellent will be sufficient, a spray or a roll on is recommended.