Mantadia Lodge

Ecology & Environment

An ideal place to experience unique safaris, respectful of flora and fauna.

Concerned with the protection of wildlife for future generations, the Mantadia Lodge is implementing a program of sustainable development and the defence of biodiversity, in partnership with local communities. Since its opening in 2018, it has participated in the protection of a once abundant nature, which has become so fragile.

We apply a zero-plastic policy in the hotel to limit the non-biodegradable waste of the hotel.

Sewage from your shower, your washbasin or your toilet is treated and filtered in tanks to be reused for watering the plants & vegetables of the hotel, thus limiting the waste of precious water in Madagascar.

The hotel operates on the shortest circuit possible to reduce its carbon footprint. 80% of the hotel’s purchases are made within a perimeter of less than 30km around the hotel, thus operating the local economy, small producers and families in the region.


To support local families the hotel employs 80% of the staff in the village of Andasibe.